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       Hubei Yangtze petrochemical equipment co., LTD. Is engaged in petroleum chemical industry equipment research and development, design and manufacture of high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2002, is located in the town of hubei honghu city, covers an area of 400 mu, has six branches, with a registered capital of 100.8 million yuan. Total cost of the assets of 550 million yuan. Is leading enterprises of petrochemical equipment industry cluster of hubei province, hubei province postdoctoral industry base.

     A2 class pressure vessel design permits aptitude, A1, A2 class pressure vessels, class A waste heat boiler manufacturing license qualification, passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, won the ASME "U" seal high pressure air cooler security registration certification and A3 level. Mainly produces all kinds of heat exchanger, air cooler, tower, container, cooling water tank, seamless steel pipe, muffler, tower internals, packing, tortoise shell network, winding pipe heat exchanger, power generators, such as petrochemical equipment, chemical equipment and electric chemical equipment.

    Company resources market member is the China petrochemical group company, sinopec corporation main heat exchanger, air cooler headquarters concentrated 
procurement suppliers, China national petroleum corporation, material supplier to China petroleum refining co., ltd. main suppliers; China's industrial anticorrosion technology association member units, the national boiler pressure vessel standardization technical committee heat exchanger technology committee member units; The HTRI member units.

      The company has 639 employees and 658 sets of production and testing equipment, with an annual output of 15,000 tons of heat exchangers, 12,000 tons of air coolers, 10,000 tons of towers and vessels, 10,000 tons of tower internals packing, 6,000 tons of seamless steel pipes, etc. In 2015, the output value was 516 million yuan.

     The company has a high-level technical team with 156 technicians, including 1 professor-level senior engineer, 20 senior engineers and 75 engineers. With the most advanced design means in China, it can complete the design of petrochemical equipment such as heat exchangers, air coolers, towers and pressure vessels with high quality. In recent years, relying on technological innovation, the company has developed a series of high-tech products to meet the market demand and obtained 42 national patents. Especially, in view of the difficulties of petrochemical enterprises in resisting wet hydrogen sulfide and chloride ion stress corrosion, the independently developed new material 09Cr2AlMoRE won the national invention patent, and the "rare earth alloy steel heat exchanger" developed by 09Cr2AlMoRE was recognized as a national key new product in 2008. The 09Cr2AlMoRE seamless steel pipes and forgings and 07Cr2AlMoRE steel plates jointly developed with steel mills have all passed the technical evaluation and appraisal of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Pressure Vessels, and have the exclusive right to use, and their H2S stress corrosion resistance σth≥0.75σs is far higher than the σth≥0.45σs requirement stipulated by NACE T0177-96. The heat exchanger tube bundle made of 09Cr2AlMoRE material has shown excellent Cl-corrosion resistance and matching performance of pipes, forgings, plates and welding materials in a large number of practical applications in refining and chemical plants. The foam film evaporative air cooler developed in recent years, from water cooling to air cooling to foam contact heat transfer, is the change of cooling mode and innovation of cooling principle, and has reached the leading domestic technical level.

     In 2003, it won the first innovation award for small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises in Hubei Province, in 2004, it was rated as the national outstanding private scientific and technological enterprise and the key intellectual property protection unit in Hubei Province, in 2004, it was rated as the top ten national anti-corrosion enterprises with the best integrity, in 2006, it was rated as the labor and social security integrity unit in Hubei Province, the contract-abiding enterprise in Hubei Province, and in 2008, it was rated as the national anti-corrosion technological innovation enterprise. In 2012, it was rated as the first Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in Jingzhou City and the model taxpayer enterprise of local tax in the province; In 2013, it was rated as one of the top ten outstanding innovative enterprises in Hubei private economy, one of the top ten outstanding innovative enterprises in Hubei private economy in 2013, one of the "outstanding taxpayer enterprises" by local tax, and one of the "Science and Technology Award of China Industrial Anticorrosion Technology Association". In 2014, it was awarded the "Famous Trademark of Hubei Province" by national tax and local tax as "A-level taxpayer enterprise with tax credit in the whole province", and in 2015, it was awarded the "Technological Innovation Enterprise" by Jingzhou City.

     In order to maintain the leading technical advantage in the same industry and meet the constant demand of the market for new products, the company is currently cooperating well with Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, South China University of Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute and other universities and research institutes in different fields.

· In 2003, company was awarded the hubei Province's First Science and Technology Innovation Award for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
· In 2004, company was named the National Excellent Private Technology Enterprise and Hubei Province's Key Intellectual Property Protection Unit.
· In 2004, company was named"Ten Daquan National Defense Corrosion Best Honest Enterprise", Was rate Hubei Province Labor and Social Security Integrity Unit
· In 2008, company was rated as"National Anti-corrosion Industry Technology Innovation Enterprise
· In 2009, company was awarded the title of" The Provincial National Tax Top 100 Integrity Taxpayer
· In 2010, company was rated as"Hubei"Excellent Enterprise for the 10th Anniversary of the Implementation the Provincial Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
· In 2012, company was rated as the first top ten innovative enterprises in Jingzhou City, and the province 's local taxation model taxpayer enterprise
· In 2013, company was rated as the top ten outstanding innovative enterprises in the private economy in Hubei
· In 2014, company was awarded the"Famous Trademark of Hubei Province"and was awarded by the state Taxation and Local Taxation Bureau. It was rated as"Provincial Tax Credit A-level Taxpayer Enterprise", and was ated as"Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise "by Jingzhou City
· In 2015, company was rated as"Integrity Unit for Compliance with Labor Security Laws and Regulations "by Hubei Province
· In 2017, company won the"First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress "of Hubei Province
· In 2018, company was rated as a"contract-honoring and trustworthy"enterprise in Hubei province
· In 2019, company was named the" Brand Supplier" of China Petroleum& Chemical Corporation
· In 2020, Hubei Changjiang petrochemical equipment company received a letter of appreciation from the high quality supplier from the SINOPEC Equipment Department. In the same year, we resumed work and production in a timely manner when the epidemic situation in Hubei was severe, and also received thank-you note from The Shell Oil Company.