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Annual production capacity and annual output value
        With an annual output of 15,000 tons of heat exchangers, 12,000 tons of air coolers, 10,000 tons of towers and containers, 10,000 tons of tower internal packing, 6,000 tons of seamless steel pipes, etc. In 2020, it will create an output value of nearly 500 million yuan, and its comprehensive economic benefit index will be among the best in Hubei.
The main production equipment
Cutting equipment:
CNC Plasma Cutter
CNC plasma cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, CNC ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine, profile cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, semi-automatic small sports car cutting machine, hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, hydraulic pendulum A total of 42 cutting equipment such as shearing machine, band sawing machine, double-column horizontal sawing machine, grinding wheel cutting machine, pipe head cutting machine and so on.
CNC drilling and milling machining center
Machining equipment:
CNC drilling and milling machining center, CNC boring and milling machining center, vertical lathe, automatic flat milling machine, automatic flat milling machine, lifting face milling machine, gantry milling machine, magnetic drill, vertical lathe, etc., a total of 57 machines Processing Equipment.
100mm thick plate rolling machine
Forming equipment:
Digital display upper roll universal plate bending machine, three-roller plate bending machine, upper roller universal plate bending machine, digital display upper roller universal plate bending machine, four-roller plate bending machine, pipe winding machine, electro-hydraulic Synchronous CNC bending machine, linkage hydraulic sheet metal digital display demolition machine, hydraulic sheet metal bending machine, sheet metal bending machine, rolling machine, angle steel bending machine, automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine, etc., a total of 56 forming equipment and equipment . 
Hydraulic flexible pipe expander
Expansion equipment:
Hydraulic flexible pipe expander, mechanical pipe expander, electromechanical elephant trunk expander, etc., a total of 13 expansion equipment.
Automatic tube head welding machine, automatic deep hole welding machine, intelligent robot tube sheet welding machine, belt-pole surfacing welding machine, narrow gap automatic submerged arc welding machine, multi-function arc finishing ambush welding machine, inverter DC ambush Welding machine, Lincoln automatic submerged arc welding machine, automatic submerged arc welding wire feeding trolley, double side (double head) outer angle submerged arc automatic welding machine, double side (double head) inner angle submerged arc automatic welding machine, etc. nearly 150 welding equipment.
Welding equipment and equipment:
Intelligent robot tube sheet welding machine
Main testing equipment
Description of main inspection equipment:
Spark direct reading full spectrum spectrometer, microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, digital display low temperature impact testing machine, impact sample notch broaching machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, impact test projector, stainless steel electric distilled water device , Digital display constant water bath, carbon and sulfur analyzer, multi-element analyzer, ferrite analyzer, metallographic sample cutting machine, metallographic microscope, metallographic sample pre-grinding machine, metallographic sample polishing machine, high pressure Nearly 70 testing equipment including air compressors, ultra-high pressure air-cooled compressors, high-pressure reciprocating pressure test pumps, etc. Helium leak detection equipment.
The company is gradually moving towards automation and intelligence. It has purchased the most advanced CNC drilling and milling processing center in China, and introduced the German core mechanical drive control system, which can complete layout, drawing, drilling and milling in the same enclosed space.